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Writing the first blog post nervously, I stumble at how it should begin.

Conversation starters in Singapore usually include “what do you do (for a living)?” We live in a work-centered culture that typically tie identities with professions.

It helps us to better understand personal backgrounds. Talking about work is sometimes easier and more comfortable than asking personal questions like, “What is your passion?”

So some questions we at Piquant have been asked after the typical self-introduction as Brand Consultants are: –
1. Which part of the brand building process do you contribute in?
2. What does it take to build a brand?
3. And this eventually leads to something even more fundamental – WHAT IS A BRAND?

Brand, as a word, is often tagged with many associations and meanings. Practitioners from different disciplines like design, advertising, public relations, business studies and psychology have defined ‘brand’ differently.

The most common (and misunderstood) view that all would argue against is ‘brand’ as a trivial matter of symbols and slogans.

The divergence in opinions then arise when ‘brand’ is used interchangeably with the words ‘identity’, ‘essence’, and even ‘promise delivered with consistency’

Our view is that a brand is an idea, a psychological construct. We quote Brian Collins, renowned brand consultant who revitalized the Dove brand by challenging the stereotypical notion of beauty – “Brands exist in the minds of people who interact with them.”

Brands have many manifestations. Be it names, colours, symbols, designs, imagery, people, objects, quotes, or scents, these develop to form a brand’s identity when consistently applied. Emotional connections with target audiences are built when these manifestations hinge on the target audiences’ attitudes, beliefs and emotions.

What were your original thoughts about ‘brand’?

If you are a brand owner, what do you think are some of the perceptions your employees, your customers, and even your competitors have of your brand?

– Ziling

Posted on January 10, 2014 in Articles

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