An Introduction…


Just like how any first meetings are, I would like to start by introducing myself. I am Celestine from Piquant.

Personality profiling is my game and being an INTJ, I enjoy getting lost in information. I find great joy and satisfaction trying to piece information together or figure issues out. My brain works in a way where it can’t stop thinking until a solution is derived – from conceptualizing ideas, strategic planning or mapping out implementation plans. This is why I am tasked to undertake project management and execution.

Enough about myself, but being one of the founders of the business brings me to talk about the topic of how people make up the business and the brand. My partners and I came together to form this company and we basically become the brand. This is especially so for a service industry like us, as human resource is vital to strong brand building. What we say, do or react is a reflection of Piquant.

Although the three of us focus on different areas of the business, we still come together and make sure we stay true to our brand purpose – etching truth in hearts and minds. Like what Ziling mentioned in her first blogpost, brands are basically impressions that people have in their minds. Thus, this is how we can help our clients reap the benefit of branding, through strategies base on customer needs.

With the introduction of our website, corporate visual identity and most importantly brand ambassadors, we are experiential branding.

Welcome to Piquant.

Posted on January 17, 2014 in Articles

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